1 Wedding, 5 Dresses: I NEED Help!


YES, you read correctly: 1 Wedding, 5 Dresses. But it’s not what you think. I’m not wearing 5 dresses to 1 wedding – I swear! I NEED to decide which of the 5 dresses to the right is the ONE I’ll wear for an outdoor wedding at Kualoa this Saturday. I love them all, so I’m going to NEED your help choosing! Keep reading to for the scoop on each of my choices and to vote for your favorite…

2011 has been the year of weddings. Or at least it has been for me. Not that I have any problem with attending weddings, it’s just that the stress of finding the right dress for each event is enough to make a bachelorette go CRAZY!! You fiends know exactly what I mean: FIRST you’re excited, thrilled in fact, that you get to shop for a (oftentimes inappropriately expensive) dress.THEN you come to the realization that you can’t find the perfect dress for the wedding. THEN you feel stupid because you’re not even the one getting married, so why is it such a big deal? And FINALLY, the fashion gods send you something so divine, you’re not sure if you should wear it to “this” wedding, OR “that” wedding, OR “the other” wedding in the fall, OR heck, to ALL three weddings!

Please tell me you’ve experienced this? PLEASE? Because if not, well then, I must have a very unique wedding wear complex. And let me tell you, the complex was in full effect this summer and remains in effect as I prep myself for the September 24th wedding of the ever so lovely (and calmest dang bride I’ve ever known) Sara Julia.

I don’t have a dress yet and the wedding is this weekend – FML. AND, I’m not going to shop for a new one (oh, but how I’d love to!) Lucky for me, I already have 5 UUBER cute dresses to choose from. *On a side note: I’m also helping with the wedding – Emcee and some day-of coordination, which means I need something that’s function meets fashion. Let’s break down my choices, then you tell me which dress you’d choose for Sara’s BIG DAY:

1) I call this dress I MUA because it’s the dress I wore to a Spring wedding at Kamehameha Schools Chapel. Keep in mind, Sara’s wedding will have some of the same guests that were at the Spring KS wedding. Would you do a double take or what?bcbg-one-shoulder-dress2) This peachy-keen number is one of my faves because of the color. I wore it to a FABULOUS July wedding and have no problem wearing it again. I LOVE it because it has pockets. I HATE it because it requires pasties and who actually likes wearing pasties?bcbg-rose-pleated-dress

3) Number three, oh number three, you were that divine gift from the fashion gods. I wore this to an August wedding. In one word, I’d say AMAZEBALLS. In two words I’d say, MY FAVORITE. In three words I’d say, PICK THIS DRESS. I’m not gonna lie, this dress has downsides: it gets hot, it requires fashion tape. BUT, look at it – don’t YOU want to wear it?

long-dress-maxi4) Ok, I know you’re thinking this next dress looks like a pareo, but I don’t care! I love it and I know that Hina, Anu, Lauren and Jules love it too or else they wouldn’t have all approved on it when I bought it with them! It’s actually for a mid-November wedding (in California), but I don’t want to wait that long before wearing it. What do you think – wait or wear?

bcbg-runway-dress5) Thanks to my BFF Lauren, who contributed this fluttering fashion find to the dress line-up! This adorable flutter-dress is not only super cute, but it’s also super comfortable. I know, I know – “beauty is pain,” but seriously, that DOES NOT always apply. Right now I’m loving this option (more than #3? Possibly), but I’m open to your opinions.flutter-h&m-dress

Here’s the deal: Tell me which dress you’d wear to an outdoor wedding at Kualoa. I’ll be taking suggestions all week. Your votes/comments/suggestions will help me make my final decision. Then, on Monday (or Tuesday, depending on the intensity of my weekend), I’ll update you with a post-wedding blog featuring the FABULOUS outfits worn by myself and other fashionable wedding guests. If we’re super-duper lucky, I’ll score a pic or two of the blushing bride and her, oh-my-god-i-love-her-dress wedding gown :)

Go on, tell me what you think!


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12 thoughts on “1 Wedding, 5 Dresses: I NEED Help!

  1. pareo style would look nice outdoors at kualoa….and hopefully you won’t see the same people as your november wedding. if not, go with number 5, its comfy for walking outdoors and helping coordinate!

  2. Totally forgot about the fluttery dress but I totally vote for it! It’s so comfortable and definitely will not blow up… Leaving you with a “sistah, let um go” moment. Marc Jacobs romper may be cute too.. Hope it fits!

  3. Haha I love that you wrote a blog for this! :) I like number 5 for my wedding. I like number 4 too though just because it’s cute. I saw wear the one that is a little bit more warmer so you stay comfy. It might be cold. : /
    Also, I can’t tell if #4 is strapless, but if you wear a sweater in the church you’ll be alright :)

    Ugh. Did I tell you I have to wear a dumb bolero jacket or lace jacket with my dress : /

    PS – We really miss you guys!!!! We can’t wait to see you!

    • Alex! You just made me laugh out loud :) I’m totally looking forward to November!!! So excited to see you guys tie the knot <3

      And yes, writing in a hurry never seems to work out well for me! Typo city!!

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