She Wrecked The Vera Wang Wedding Dress

“I think you should just do it,” the groom’s deep and very convincing voice echoed throughout the house. “That other dress doesn’t look like a wedding dress.”

The rest of us stood there, silently holding back our screaming thoughts from actually manifesting themselves into what was left of our “day-after-our-bff’s-wedding” voices. (In other words, our raspy, hungover, I’m wearing my sunglasses inside voices.)

“Do it, do it, do it, DO IT SARA!” I thought.

“Save it, don’t do it. It’s a Vera Wang Wedding gown – VERA freaking WANG! YOU’VE GOT TO SAVE IT – FOREVER AND EVER.” I was being tormented by my inner fashionable thoughts. But I wasn’t alone. I looked around the room and all of my friends had these confused, anxious looks. Our eyes darted back and forth to Sara, then Rob, then to that soft, white “not a wedding dress dress” that Sara had on, then to the VERA WANG, then back to Sara.

Sara walked away. She didn’t say a word. She just disappeared into the bathroom. And when she came out, her new husband’s voice came rumbling from across the room, “she’s wearing THE DRESS.”

I think every person in a ten-mile radius let out a huge GASP followed by a, “NO WAY!”

“YES!” I screamed. “It’s the only way! I’m so happy you chose Vera! This is going to be AMAZING!” (And amazing it was!)

The other girls cheered with approval as Sara walked to meet her new husband at the water’s edge.

And we all ran out of the house to watch Sara wreck her gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress:


Sara contemplating her decision..."To wreck, or NOT to Wreck. That is the question."


Are you dying or are you DYING for this photo? (you still have time to change your mind Sara!)


And off they take THE VERA WANG in the water!


And there's NO turning back!


Bye, Sara! You crazy bride!


Sara and Rob...LOVE IT!


Serious spectators. We COULDN'T believe she was in the water with THE DRESS.


The wet dress weighs more than Sara. Seriously. Rob is STRONG!




Sara, you earned that Mimosa. YOU EARNED IT!


Sara, you're a SUPERHERO BRIDE!

And that’s the end of that. Can you believe she wore the beautiful, pink Vera Wang Wedding Dress in the ocean?

Could you have done it?


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