There’s A New Man in My Life

There’s a new man in my life and his name is Vince Camuto. Perhaps you know him too. He’s often found wooing women from his usual spot in the Macy’s or Nordstrom shoe department. You might also catch yourself drooling over him in the pages of your favorite fashion magazine. C’mon, you know him too and you NEED him in your life.

Hello Vince…


From the front, these heels whisper class. From the back, these heels say EDGE! And from the side, these heels scream SERIOUS STYLE. Someone give these to me now. But wait, what about Steve?

I do consider myself a faithful Steve Madden girl:


19 pairs present, 21 pairs total. Missing two pairs: Red Pump and Blush Pump

My first pair of heels (not counting the ones I wore to Prom) were Steve’s. AND the first pair of heels that officially got me hooked on heels were Steve’s. Let’s say hello to these very instrumental heels:


The LEOPARD heels hooked me. The BLACK heels kindly welcomed me to the world of wearing heels.

Despite my nearly unfaultering reverence to Steve (I do have other shoes, but not the way I HAVE Steve Madden’s), I must admit that Vince Camuto is doing something magical with his shoes – something so exhilarating it’s caused my eyes to wander across the shoe department, leaving Steve to the rest of his admirers. And this is the pair of Vince Camuto’s that won me over:


The only Vince's I own. Only the shoe gods know if I'll fill up the rack with my new man...

Not only are these Vince Camuto wedges ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, but they’re also extremely COMFORTABLE. These camel colored gifts from the shoe gods left not but one blister when I walked from Waikiki to my House in Manoa (over 1 mile). My reason for walking shall remain unknown. The Vince wedges are comfortable indeed, but then again, I once walked across Rome (yes, the city of Rome, Italy) in Steve wedges.

So what does a girl do? Does she turn her back on the man she’s come to know and love, or does she accept her knew found love as the ONE to fill her shoe rack? Let’s take one last look – apples to apples – of Steve and Vince. For this one I chose each of their Leopard heels:



I’d love to hear which man you prefer…tell me in the poll below!


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