Nordstrom Hawaii Cosmetic Trend Show

There are those who wake up at 6 a.m. to get ready for work or to get in a nice morning jog. Then are those who wake up at 6 a.m. to go shopping. Yes, I’m part of the latter, but I’m going to assume you already guessed that. So what on earth could have coerced me into waking up at 6 a.m. to go shopping? The Fall 2011 Cosmetic Trend Show at NORDSTROM – duh! And the best part is that I wasn’t the only CRAZY person to wake up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday!




More crazies.

By 6:55 a.m., dozens of Nordy’s fans (read: serious shopaholics) were already lined up outside, sipping on complimentary coffee and chatting with the FABULOUS Nordstrom Beauty Experts who were floating around sharing inside secrets about the much anticipated show. By the time the doors opened, hundreds of fellow Nordstrom lovers filed into the store. Each guest was greeted by smiling faces and uuber cute metallic gift bags:


Love, love, LOVE her hot pink heels!


Everyone received one of these metallic purses!

Each seat the was outfitted with special promotional cards to use at different beauty counters:


More goodies!

The bada$$ people of Nordstrom turned the third floor into a rocking red carpet event, complete with a DJ, models, flashing lights, FABULOUS giveaways and enough energy to keep my sleepy eyes wide-open despite the fact that it was the crack of dawn 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. nordstrom-hawaii-fashion-show


The boys on the left had some prime real estate seats - suckas.

The Red Carpet Glamour event featured a spread of the hottest beauty products on the market (all available at Nordstrom, duh). At one point in the show, I considered purchasing and using every featured product in an effort to look 25 forever. I ended up deciding against it, but I did settle on some SMASHING, DASHING products from Smashbox.


Nothing like buying a box full of beauty products for only $68!

This box of magic can be yours for only $68 from Smashbox. BUY IT – you’ll thank me.

Oh, and thanks to the handy work of my BFF Lauren, I also scored a makeup appointment with the Smashbox counter – just in time for Halloween. My makeup artist Michelle was the BOMB. She took my look from blah to BEYONCE in 30 minutes:


My makeup artist Michelle was AMAZING!

Yes, Lauren and I had to take one of these:


And although waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday was agonizing, NORDSTROM made it all worth it :)


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4 Reasons The Fanny Pack IS Back

That’s right people, the all-time, omg-is-she-seriously-wearing-THAT, accessory is BACK in action. Truth be told, it’s been back for some time (or some may argue that it never really left), but it’s true resurrection was confirmed by none other than the divine being that IS BEYONCE. What the [bleep] am I talking about? Easy. Beyonce be rockin’ a fabulous red fanny pack in her new music video Party, which (to me at least) confirms the resurrection. Because we all know that whatever Beyonce touches is gold – GOLD! Seriously though, the DIVA has managed to convince an entire movement of grown women to slip into a leotard and tights for Halloween. Like I said, GOLD.

How on earth has the fanny managed to resurrect itself onto the hips of fashion fiends across the globe? Read on, read on…

#1: Nowadays these fantastic little hip-slings come in BLINDING SEQUINS designs instead of blinding neon:


Sparkling animal print - what more can a girl ask for? (image:

This sequined fanny can be yours for $24.95 at

#2: They no longer resemble saggy pouches but instead come in cute and funky shapes:


If men can wear bows around their necks, then HELL YES women can wear bows around their waists! (image:

You can BOW TIE your waist for $65 at

#3: They come in dainty sizes more popularly known as “belt purses” that don’t make you look you’re bearing ET’s child:


I CLEARLY have a soft spot for animal print, but who doesn't? (image:

Now this one I NEED: $35.94

#4: Designers dig them. Seriously though, the Gucci fanny has been around FOREVER and is NOT. GOING. ANYWHERE. period.


Gucci knows a thing or two about fannies. (image:

Go get your Gucci on for $530 at

So what do you think? Are fannies back in action or is this some rare hiccup in fashion history repeats that belongs back in your fashion faux pas file?


3 Fashionably Fierce Halloween Costumes

OMG! Halloween is a week away and YOU DON’T HAVE A COSTUME! Well, fear not my costumeless fashion fiends because I’ve done you the generous favor of sharing my top 3 costume ideas to help you get the ball rolling. Interestingly, two of the three involve leotards…read on, read on.

#1: Be a Princess! But not just any Princess. Be Kate Middleton.


Perhaps if you channel your inner Kate, you too will find a Prince! (image:

Get the look by outfitting yourself in a royal blue colored dress similar to the one she wore for her engagement photos, styling your hair with some soft glossy waves and plopping on a fascinator. And top it all off with a faux blue sapphire ring! Practice your curtsies and you’re good to go.

#2: Be a Ballerina! But not just any Ballerina. Be Black Swan. black-swan-costume-idea

Get the look by stopping by your nearest Walmart (yes, I just mentioned Walmart in my “fashion blog” – I’m such a rebel) and picking up a black leotard and sheer pink tights. You’ll find these in the girls section. I know this because I’ve purchased a black leotard from Walmart before. Then swing on over to the fabrics section and pick up some black tulle for your tutu. I’m not going to tell you how to make the tutu, but you can check out this tutu making tutorial. You MUST of course go big on the makeup, just like Natalie in Black Swan. Throw your hair in a bun and slip on a comfy pair of black flats. Voila – you ARE BLACK SWAN. *Please note: you might have creepy guys asking you to make a out with girls, but that’s the risk you take. (see the movie if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

#3: Be a Diva! But not just any Diva. Be Beyonce. beyonce-single-ladies-costume

To be more specific, be Beyonce from her AMAZING Single Ladies video. Get this look by (once again) heading to Walmart and picking up a black leotard just like the one for Black Swan (read: I LOVE LEOTARDS). This time you’ll want sheer skintone tights or panty hose unless you want to let your sexy legs go commando. Style your hair for maximum volume by teasing and hairspraying. Then glam up your look with fabulous smokey eye makeup (have at it with these smokey eye tutorials on youtube). Top off, or rather, bottom off the look with the highest pair of black pumps you own. Trust me, higher is better. Especially if you’re gonna leave the house in a leotard with nothing but sheer leggings. *Please note: if you decide on this costume, I advise learning some dance moves – pronto!

Those are just a few of my ideas. I’d love to hear yours!


Leaving-Shoes-In-Car-Disorder = New Header Image!

So what’s with my new and improved header image? It was really just a moment of true Hawaii fashion fiendiness really…

I have a problem with leaving shoes in my car, which I’m led to believe is a common case among the vast majority of busy fashion fiends (you know who you are). I’m usually slightly embarrassed and often frustrated with myself for suffering from this leaving-shoes-in-car-disorder, especially when I rip my closet apart looking for pumps that are hiding under my passenger’s seat. BUT, today I couldn’t have been happier to have learned that I left my BCBG Generation leopard print kitten heels in my trunk!

You see, it was just going to be my typical afternoon at the beach – nothing special. Until, I popped open my trunk to pull out a towel and out jumped a LEOPARD KITTEN (Heel). All it took was that one pair of leopard kitten heels for me to decide I NEEDED to immediately do a photo shoot for my new header image. (Because let’s be real, the old one wasn’t cutting it.) While the leopord kitten heels are adorable, I obviously needed a few more props, so I threw in my uuber cute orange Longchamp purse, my Michael Kors sunnies and my new shell bangles! And voila – a few hours later I’m sporting a new and improved header image: cromwell's beach-diamond-head-hawaii-beach

*On a side note: I was also sporting an amazing black and white striped beach hat that my BFF Lauren found online as part of our bootylicious Halloween costumes (you best believe our Halloween costumes will have their own post). I decided against including the hat in the header image shots, but definitely made up for it by snapping a few fun-for-nothing pics:


This hat is AMAZING.

I hope you like the new header image and I know you LOVE the hat. I promise you’ll die when you see the whole costume in action :)


The September Issue

It’s finally FALL! And I can’t think of a better time of year to get this blog rolling…

Why? Because with fall comes fashion and fashion is the reason for the season! Ok, that was stupid. But really, for quite a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of writing down my thoughts on fashion (and anything else I want to write about because it’s my blog). The idea was there, but I was lacking the inspiration I needed to get started. Until…

I was standing in line at Foodland with a few of my friends and I caught sight of this treasure:


September Issue Instyle Magazine featuring Beyonce in a sparkly gold mini dress

And of course, I left my wallet in the car. After a failed attempt at convincing my BF I NEEDED the magazine, I walked away, defeated. BUT, friends don’t let friends leave the grocery store without the September Issue of her favorite fashion magazine. Kristina bought the magazine. Of course I could have picked up the magazine the next day or even on my way back home from the beach, but that’s not the point. The point is that Kristina understood. She understood that it would be considered a sin to leave the grocery store without that magazine. She understood that the 600+ glossy pages behind that glorious Beyonce cover were as good as gold. She understood that sunbathing at Diamond Head without the September Issue would be the equivalent of walking into a bar for a glass of water – pointless.

As I laid sprawled out on the beach with my oversized Lacoste towel, I poured through the September Issue, page-by-page. Then suddenly it dawned on me: It was time to start writing down my thoughts on fashion. I guess that’s all it took. An afternoon at the beach with some friends and the September Issue.

Kristina, I’m forever indebted to you for buying the September Issue and finding nothing wrong with the pathetic tantrum I threw while trying to convince my BF to buy me the magazine.

Check back soon for more of my thoughts on fashion (and whatever else I feel like writing about).