Nordstrom Hawaii Holiday Shopping Party

First things first: I’m ALIVE! I know I went M.I.A for a minute there. I’m like a gypsy blogger – or maybe not, but it sounds cool. Moving right along…

Despite having been alive and in control of all of my senses and decision making abilities, I didn’t participate in Black Friday. There, I said it – I DIDN’T participate in Black Friday. To be honest, the last time I joined the Black Friday madness was my senior year of college when I was in Vegas with my friends. I vaguely recall spending my Thanksgiving evening forcing my way through hoards of super-sale-seeking psychos people at the premium outlets (aka torture). After that horrible evening, I swore off Black Friday – I’m a fashion fiend, NOT a shopaholic (I hear you doubting me. Don’t doubt me and my ability to say ‘no’ to Tory, Marc, Michael, Steven, Valentino and Tom). Now, on to my point. I don’t do Black Friday because it’s too chaotic, but I DID do Nordstrom Hawaii Holiday Shopping Party this Sunday! And quite honestly, I’d die a happy woman and perhaps let myself be called a shopaholic (keyword: perhaps) if every shopping experience I had was as AMAZING as the Nordstrom Holiday Shopping Party.

I showed up at Nordstrom at 5:50 pm for the 6 pm event and this long line of excited shopaholics were already eagerly waiting for the doors to heaven Nordstrom to open.


Behold - the calmest, longest line I

These shoppers were not of the Black Friday breed – these shoppers were nicely, patiently waiting in line (sans pepper spray). There were no elbow bumps, no profane slurs being shared between strangers and no tents, chairs or coolers! Compared to the horror stories I’ve heard about Black Friday, this line was heavenly. Oh, not to mention the complimentary water and welcoming smiles being served up by Nordstrom employees and caterers.

Once the Nordstrom angels opened the big, shiny, golden doors, the lines flowed in and were happily greeted by two lines of smiling and clapping Nordstrom employees. Yes, there was an applause for us!

Ok fine, my video sucks. But I was so taken back by the rounds of applause, I hardly had time to think about the orientation of my iPhone camera! Forgive me, please?

At the end of the applause, we were pleasantly greeted by glasses of champagne, beer (gotta keep the husbands happy), and sinfully delicious choices of tray passed pupus.




Delightfully delicious Chinese Chicken Salad!

As I enjoyed the my complimentary libations and drool-worthy pupu, I watched happily as shoppers floated around the store sipping champagne and enjoying the live Christmas music. This my friends and fiends is how SHOPPING SHOULD BE! Perhaps my request is a tad unrealistic, as most department stores surely can’t list Champagne and Sushi on the daily expense reports, but by golly (I just said ‘by golly’ and I’m ok with it), it’d be fantastic if they could!


Nothing like shiny floors and Christmas Decor!

Let’s not forget the cute “red carpet” photo opp they had for shoppers to enjoy:


So what did I buy? I wish I could tell you, but they’re gifts for my family and they read this blog (I hope), so my lips are sealed. I can say however that if I were a shopaholic who couldn’t control herself, I’d have happily handed over my Nordstrom card for these sparkly cheetah print Toms:


Toms CLEARLY knows a thing or two about fashion!

And this AMAZEBALLS Valentino handbag:


Are there even words to describe how I feel about this Valentino piece of amazingness?

Alas, neither item was purchased because I’m not a shopaholic, right? Regardless of what was and was NOT purchased, I still had a holly-jolly time with my fashion fiend friends.


Fun times with some fellow fiends!

A special thanks to Nordstrom for hosting another awesome event!


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