Mad Men’s Mad Fashion

I’ll begin with a confession: 1) I JUST recently started watching Mad Men. When I say JUST recently, I mean about one month ago, prior to the launch of Jason Wu for Target (I swear it will all make sense in just a minute).



I know, I know Mad Men has been on air since like 2007 or whatever and Banana Republic has already created a whole line of clothing surrounding the hit tv drama based in the 1960′s. So shoot me that I’m not an avid television series viewer. Those ratings guys hate people like me. People who discover a show seasons after it’s aired and spend hours upon hours watching every episode of every season on Netflix. Those ratings guys want people like me to watch the pilot, then religiously tune in every week and cry when they announce that the show will be discontinued. Well, I’m not one of those people. I’m the Netflix type, so shoot me. I digressed – excuse my rambling. Now on to the good stuff…

You now know I’m currently obsessed with Mad Men AND if you read my last post, you also know I’m currently obsessed with Jason Wu for Target - so what’s the deal? Although I learned about the Jason Wu for Target collection long before I started watching Mad Men, I must admit that the 60′s fashions showcased in Mad Men greatly influenced my now full-blown adoration for Jason Wu’s Target collection – everything from the smart little scarf wearing black cat to the clean A-line skinny belted dresses to the cotton t-shirts with accent bows.

And if you’re also a Mad Men lover, then you’ll know where I’m coming from when I say that Jason Wu for Target seems to have perfectly bridged the gap between what I adore about the 60′s fashions in Mad Men and what I’d realistically wear in 2012 and beyond.

For example, I’m drawn to the A-Line cuts of what appear to be Betty Draper’s “casual” dresses, but I couldn’t realistically rock that amount of pattern (without feeling like a table cloth at a tea party) and that level of puffiness in one dress:



I can however deal with this perfectly toned down, but still on era design by Jason Wu for Target:


Moving right along to Mad Men’s Peggy Olson and her asymmetrical buttoned up checkered AND collared dress that I appreciate for the era, but probably wouldn’t ever agree to wearing. I like the collar and I do dig patterns, just not quite to this extreme.



Enter Jason Wu for Target and his salmon black striped shirt dress:



The model isn’t wearing the black sash belt that comes with the dress. The belt sinches in the waistline – not that the model needs a smaller waistline. FYI, I’m a proud owner of this dress. BOOYAH.

And lastly, I absolutely adore the blouses with the bow necklines such as the ones featured on a number of Mad Men outfits including those for vixen office manager Joan Halloway:



Which obviously means I DIED for Jason Wu’s lower slung bow tie neckline blouses and knit tees:





FYI, I also own both of these blouses – BOOYAH, again!

And so there you have it. My newfound love for Mad Men served as a perfectly fashionable segue into the 60′s inspired Jason Wu for Target collection. It’s as if the fashion gods somehow knew I needed to solidify my liking for Wu’s collection by first becoming enthralled with the women’s outfits in Mad Men. Or not, but who cares!

Oh and I do love the Men’s outfits in Mad Men as well. Especially the hats and suits. It’s the whiskey on the rocks and cigarettes that I DON’T like.


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